The Snaggle Tooth Splat book: Brain tumour support for children and parents


More and more parents of children with brain cancer are getting in touch to express their confusion at the diagnosis that their child has received, and also for advice on how to broach the diagnosis with their children. There is a general feeling of loss of control immediately after a diagnosis.

The Snaggle Tooth Splat  is designed to help here. The 28-page illustrated book enables parents to educate their children about what they are going through, and explains what brainstrust and clinicians are doing to help them. The book can also be used to explain to children what a newly diagnosed parent may be going through.

The book has been written by Karen Boswell, illustrated by Jason Mortimer and sponsored by Learning Curve. The foreword is by actress, brainstrust supporter and star of the brainstrust BBC Radio 4 appeal, Julie Walters CBE.

The writer Karen Boswell and the illustrator Jason Mortimer, who donated their professional services free of charge, worked closely with health care professionals from the neuro-oncology field to ensure the book met its objectives as effectively as possible. We then tested the book with nurses, parent carers, and school audiences. Both the initiative and execution have been exceptionally well received.

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