Behaviour and Personality Change handbook


People tell us behaviour and personality change (BPC) is up there with fatigue when it comes to challenge.

It makes all affected feel disempowered, helpless and daunted. We know that up 60% of people diagnosed with a brain tumour experience BPC, and we know too that there is little support available for this.

This behaviour and personality change resource covers:

  • Understanding behaviour and personality change (BPC)
  • What we mean by BPC
  • Causes of BPC
  • What is different about BPC when living with a brain tumour?
  • How is BPC manifested?
  • How do we measure BPC?
  • Mood journals
  • What are the strategies to help me cope?
  • Treatment options
  • Self-help strategies
  • Looking after someone with BPC
  • Who can help?
  • Questions to ask
  • What to do in a crisis

You can preview the digital behaviour and personality resource here and the mood journal template here.

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