Living with a Brain Tumour: Dr. Peter Black's Guide to Taking Control of Your Treatment'


Written by brainstrust Patron and past president of the World Congress of Neurosurgeons this book must surely be the definitive guide. It is brilliantly conceived as Peter offers his expertise about a variety of topics that affect brain tumour patients and their loved ones in an easy to understand format. It is divided into five parts:

    An introduction to brain tumors
    Types of brain tumors
    Living with a brain tumor
    Treatment options

The narrative style is key though. Peter's warmth and compassion underpin all that he writes, and yet the book still succeeds at working on so many levels, whether you are a brain tumour patient, a medical professional, or a relative.

A must read for all who have an interest in this field. Everything you have ever wanted to know is in here. It really is the most comprehensive guide we have come across and explains everything so clearly.